Triumph Scrambler Tramontana

All Photos: Triumph / Marc Bordons

Over the years, the Triumph Scrambler garnered the unfortunate reputation of appearing more off-road savvy than its actual performance would allow. It’s a common criticism from many in the industry, so much so that two members of Triumph’s own chassis development team decided to take matters into their own hands and create what may be dubbed the ultimate Triumph Scrambler: The Tramontana, named after the northerly wind that blows over the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain.

The project was led by Spanish brothers David and Felipe Lopez, and since 2001, these two have overlooked the development testing of every new Triumph model. This particular model took four years of after-hours work to complete but as they say, slow and steady wins the race. And clearly this model supports that cliche. The finished product boasts what Lopez calls a ‘modern retro’ style, with the character of the 60’s Triumphs intertwined with modern high performance. Features include Ohlins suspension, alloy rims, two front discs, alloy yokes and bars and a tailor-made Arrow exhaust. Also, one of its greatest features is the weight, clocking in at a full 40kg less than a stock Scrambler. The ultimate Triumph Scrambler, indeed. [H/T: BikeExif]

Triumph Tramontana by David and Felipe Lopez  5

Triumph Tramontana by David and Felipe Lopez  4

Triumph Tramontana by David and Felipe Lopez  3

Triumph Tramontana by David and Felipe Lopez 2