Triumph ‘Ghost’ by Smoked Garage

Looking more like it could contain a turbofan jet engine as opposed to your typical Triumph engine, the Ghost Triumph -put together by the good folk over at Smoked Garage– isn’t your ordinary motorcycle. And despite the fact that this thing looks like any sharp turn could spell disaster, it’s incredibly sturdy and ready for anything. I guess we have Smoked Garage’s Nicko Eigert to thank for that.

Inspired by the Lotus CO-1 concept, this ride is based off a Triumph Speed Triple, complete with a 1057 cc engine, a custom cut and rebuilt rear frame, Brembo brakes, and a custom seat and paint job. However, the crew over at Smoked Garage weren’t finished yet. Additionally, the bike was outfitted with a custom exhaust, a LED lighting system, an original Triumph Speed Triple speedometer, and rides atop a pair of Pirelli tires. Alluding to those famed lightbikes from Tron Legacy, this bike is sure to tear through the streets of the lucky owner’s native Australian outback with ease.