Triumph Furiosa by British Customs

Witnessing a little bit of altruism in the motorcycle world always warms the heart for us. And because this Triumph looks ready to take on the apocalypse, the build not only evokes strong emotion but looks killer in the process. Named after the leading character from Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa was built to raise awareness and donations for Riders for Health, a charity that uses motorcycles to deliver life-saving medical supplies and services to rural sub-Saharan Africa.

Furiosa was realized in collaboration with @CafeRacersOfInstagram and British Customs Weekend Projects upgrades to put everything together. The motivation and vision behind the bike came directly from community input and feedback. Upgrades included factory-spec bolt-on parts including drag pipes, a slammer seat, and oil pressure gauge. Additionally, Furiosa features several one-off parts fabricated by Andrew Blaschko of CROIG, which include a nose plate, hand guards, leather tank pads and wraps and a luggage rack. It’s also outfitted with a set of ammo cans, donated from Blood Brothers Inc., a blanket roll from Farbault Mills, a tactical hatchet from Gerber Gear, leather bags from Red Wing Shoes, and a performance lighting systems from PIAA. British Customs is also giving this thing away in case you were wondering.

Triumph Furiosa by British Customs 6

Triumph Furiosa by British Customs 2

Triumph Furiosa by British Customs 3

Triumph Furiosa by British Customs 5

Triumph Furiosa by British Customs 7