TritonRAW Rings

Unless you are interested in getting decked out like the Mind Freak himself, Criss Angel, it’s pretty difficult to find men’s jewelry that isn’t entirely too gaudy and/or ostentatious. Which can be a problem for anyone who wants to wear a ring, but isn’t a magician. Thankfully, the folks at Triton saw that as a fixable issue and took it upon themselves to remedy it.

These rings are composed primarily of Triton’s signature matte finished tungsten carbide – a metal that is incredibly durable, tough, and has scratch resistant properties – giving their jewelry an understated but unmistakeable look. Minimalist in their design, these rings come in a number of different styles, some of which are paired with other materials (like yellow, white, and rose gold) or internally finished with an either white or black high-shine nano-tech coating. And, depending on which style you want, they come in a width of 9 or 11 millimeters. You’ll have to contact the brand for pricing info, but you can take comfort in the fact that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their rings – so if your finger changes size, you need only pay shipping and handling to get one that fits. [Purchase]

Triton RAW Rings 01

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