Triton Underwater Gills

Chances are you’ve daydreamed about being able to breathe underwater. Not with scuba tanks or snorkels – but with some small James Bond-like gadget that would allow you to stay down there for as long as you wanted. Well – that isn’t a daydream anymore thanks to Triton Gills.

Billed as a state of the art oxygen respirator, this device makes it so you can do all the same stuff you would with scuba gear – just without all of that heavy equipment. Use is simple, just bite onto the mouthpiece and breathe normally. According to Triton, when you inhale, oxygen flows in while the microporous hollow fiber keeps water out. Once inside the device, the air gets stored in a powerful micro compressor run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These tech-gills can run for up to 45 minutes of underwater exploring and will retail for around $300. [Purchase]

Triton Underwater Gills 1

Triton Underwater Gills 01