Triton’s Gullwing 13000/2 TE Is The World’s Deepest-Diving Acrylic-Hulled Sub

Since the company was established in 2007, Triton has been the undisputed leader in the industrial and personal submersible sector. And after recently unveiling a 66-passenger tourist sub and the world’s largest spherical hull submersible, the Florida firm has now pulled the cover off of its latest record-setting manned underwater exploration rig with the 13000/2 TE —or “Titanic Explorer.”

Named after Triton’s historic dive to the RMS Titanic in 2019, the 13000/2 TE now represents the world’s deepest diving acrylic submersible, with a test depth of nearly 2.5 miles (or 13,123’). Measuring 14.6’ in length and spanning 9’ across, the 26,455lb TE is fitted with a pair of retractable gull wings, allowing for better maneuverability and affording a nearly-endless range of options for mounting cameras or other recording equipment. A similar acrylic-hulled sub was previously used to film for BBC’s acclaimed documentary series Blue Planet II series. Offering room for two passengers and up to 500kg’s of equipment, the vessel also features an oxygen and CO2 scrubber, half-a-dozen 20,000-lumen LED lights, and an electric powertrain with quad 5.5kW direct-drive thruster supplemented via four 5.5kW auxiliary thrusters and pulling energy from a 12-hour battery cell. For more information on Triton’s 13000/2 TE you can visit the company’s website linked below.

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