The Triton Deepview Is A 66-Passenger Electric Sub That Can Reach 330′ Depths

Founded in 2007, Triton Submarines is one of the world’s leading submersible companies, with a product range that includes a bevy of elite personal underwater exploration vessels. And while the Florida-based firm previously offered a sub that accommodated a cool seven passengers (the 1650/7), Triton has now pulled the cover off of an even larger submersible vessel with a capacity for up to 66 occupants.

Dubbed the “Triton Deepview,” the submersible was designed for the tourism market to make submersible adventure a more-accessible and cost-effective activity. The Deepview’s modular design is comprised of 6-passenger sections, allowing for 12, 24, 30, 36, 48, 54, 60, and 66-person variants. Standing at 13.1’ and weighing more than 60.5-tons (for the 24-passenger version) the Deepview can take its passengers to depths of 330’ while its LeadAcid battery allows for 12 hours of operation per charge. The cylindrically-shaped submersible features 5.5” acrylic floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a unique look at the world beneath the waves, while 10 sets of 20,000 lumen LED spotlights thoroughly illuminate the subsurface ecosystem. For more information on the Triton Deepview, you can visit the manufacturer’s website below.

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