Triton 6600/2 Personal Submarine

For those who’ve always wanted to bring their favorite Jules Verne novel to life, Triton Submarines may provide the answer. Based out of Vero Beach, Florida, they’ve pioneered a way for those with enough gumption and cash at their disposal to explore the depths of the aquatic world. Now, their latest achievement, the Triton 6600/2, is the world’s deepest-diving acrylic hulled submersible vessel. Capable of taking a pilot and passenger 6,600 feet below the ocean’s surface, you’ll truly be able to find some alone time with that special someone.

Triton’s claim to fame stems from their pioneering dives in Antarctica. These subs also dove on wrecks in the Mediterranean and explored the reefs of the Maldives and Tahiti. Available for the cool price of $5 million. And for those who really want to feel under pressure (R.I.P Davie Bowie), Triton makes submarines that can hold up to eight passengers and dive to 36,000 feet. [Purchase]