Triton’s New 6-Seat Sub Has The World’s Largest Spherical Transparent Hull

Earlier this year, Triton unveiled its Deepview Submarine, a range of commercial models capable of carrying anywhere from 12 to 66 occupants. And while it’s undoubtedly impressive to cram that many people into a can some 330ft below the surface, it’s hard to imagine it being a remotely peaceful experience. Thankfully, Triton has turned its attention back to the luxury sector, releasing a smaller, more family-friendly model it’s calling the 3300/6.

As with its smaller 3300/3, the Florida-based manufacturer makes the submersible’s capabilities abundantly clear in its name; it can dive to a depth of 3,300ft while carrying up to 6 passengers. But housing those 3 extra persons was no small feat — by teaming up with one of the leading acrylic fabricators, Triton has succeeded in creating the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull — a massive dome 100 inches in diameter. And just because there’s room for the whole family doesn’t mean that it isn’t a comfortable experience. On the contrary — inside, the seats are upholstered with hand-finished leather, and every chair ensures a virtually 360° view. What’s more, it comes with plenty of headroom, 6 sets of 20,000-lumen LED lights, and even air-conditioning to keep you comfortable. Check out Triton’s website for more information.

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