A Master US Knifesmith Milled TAD’s Titanium-Clad NATO Watch Strap

Todd Rexford is a man of many talents, but he’s almost certainly most well known for his knife designs. The folks at Triple Aught Design, however, called on him for a different reason: to mill and finish the hardware for their Quantum watch strap. And the results, simply put, are stunning.

As you’d expect from a brand like TAD, this USA-made NATO-style strap — which was directly inspired by the British Ministry of Defense’s legendary G10 strap — is crafted from high-quality nylon. And while that’s a fairly standard feature, it’s the hardware that sets this strap apart. You see, it was milled and finished entirely in-house by Todd Rexford out of solid titanium. A magnificent tribute to the past with modern materials and craftsmanship, this timepiece accessory is priced at $275 each.

Purchase: $275