Triple Aught Design Vortex Hoodie

When you have your sights set on dominating an elevated trail that will test your stamina, make sure you’re equipped with a high-performance hoodie to match your maximum effort. Triple Aught Design’s Vortex Hoodie is built to be your go-to cold weather base-layer, allowing you to push yourself past your expectations.

The hoodie is made with warm, breathable ‘Polartec Power Grid’ material, which offers excellent moisture-wicking insulation. The super light 7.9-ounce hoodie has reinforcements in high-stress areas, thumb-hole cuffs, two bicep pockets for quick access to important gear, and a three-piece hood with nylon overlay. It can also be packed down to the size of a water bottle so you can stash it in your backpack when the sun is blazing. No matter what environment you find yourself in, the Vortex Hoodie is ready to keep you warm so you can keep trekking on to the finish line to find a rewarding view.

Purchase: $135