TAD’s Elite ‘Gambit’ Leather Driving Gloves Are Perfect For Track Days

When we think of Triple Aught Design, we’re inundated by visions of technical, purposeful equipment, utilitarian clothing, and heritage-inspired values. Over the years, the company has done a fine job tailoring its image, and if their latest project — the beautifully-imagined, premium-leather Gambit driving glove — is anything to go by, they’re not letting up anytime soon.

The TAD Gambit driving glove is a handsome offering catered to the true driving enthusiast. Taking on a classic, full-finger design that pays homage to the genre’s most illustrious variants from the past, this unique hand accessory is handmade right here in California, and boasts ultra-exclusive, numbered batches, with a total of 200 units slated for eventual release. But its exclusivity isn’t what makes it inherently appealing. Instead, it’s the Pittards WR100X leather, which deters water and perspiration and promotes natural breathability, allowing the gloves to be used in any season, for any reason. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic style, or you’re looking for a pair of premium gloves to use while traipsing around town, Triple Aught Design’s $165 Gambit glove is an undeniably attractive addition for your tasteful wardrobe.

Purchase: $165