Trinity One Coffee Brewer

When it comes to brewing coffee, everyone has their preference, whether it’s a Hario pour-over, or an Aeropress. Even if you have a favorite method, why limit your home-brewing options to just one?

After raising upwards of $100,000 from just 333 backers on Kickstarter, the Australian product designer Mark Folker has successfully built the Trinity One – a coffee brewer that is just as versatile as it is striking in its design. Built with wood, metal, and glass, this brewer uses a double-walled brew chamber that can be used for pour over, press, or cold brew. The Trinity One also comes with a weighted press cylinder, and an espresso-like filter head used to control flow from the brew chamber. Even if you’re not a big coffee nerd, this piece of equipment is sure to look great on any kitchen counter. Shipping starts in April of this year, with retail pricing starting at roughly $385. [Purchase]