Conquer The Arctic Warrior 2020 WWII Route With Ex-Special Forces

Some people love to lounge in the wild, whereas others love to tap into adventurer mode and test their mettle outdoors. If you eat thrills for breakfast, the Trident Adventure Arctic Warrior 2020 event is right up your ally.

To please the crazy side of your psyche, this trek along former WWII military insertion routes will take you through some of the harshest environments on the planet. The journey is an eight-day, hut-to-hut ski expedition where you’ll start in Sweden, travel to Norway, and make your way back to home base. Before the adventure begins, you’ll head to Morocco or the Brecon Beacons Mountains in Wales for intense survival training. Your group will be lead by former U.K. Special Forces and Arctic warfare experts, ensuring your safety throughout the trip. If you survive the journey, which involves fording icy water, hiking, and cross-country skiing, you’ll be rewarded with cold brew and a sauna. There is no pricing announced yet, so stay tuned for further information.

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