Trek Zora Concept

While it isn’t uncommon to see designers sit down and draft up concepts that eschew all of the unseemly features you usually see on a bike – brake cables, chain tensioners, bike lights – it is rare that you see those ideas do anything more than get shared online. The Trek 2026 concept is an exception.

What is different about this bike is that the designers and engineers behind it actually took the time to build it out as a true model. The occasion for all of this work? Trek World 2016. The team behind the design wanted to present the concept as a kind of guess as to what kind of bicycles Trek will be producing in their 50th year as a company (2026). The bike features what looks like a set of integrated headlights and taillights as well as disk brakes and a belt-driven wheel. We just want to know – will it be self driving, too?

Trek Zora Concept 0

Trek Zora Concept 1

Trek Zora Concept 3

Trek Zora Concept 5

Trek Zora Concept 6

Trek Zora Concept 7