Trek X Bontrager WaveCel Helmets

Whether you’re dishing out vicious tackles in football, driving down the lane for a layup, or taking on a monster downhill bike trail, there’s always a chance for injury. With more research and a better understanding of how concussions happen, helmet designs have improved immensely. Taking skull protectors a step further, Trek and Bontrager have created WaveCel Helmets, which replicate the protective fluid of your brain.

Ready for impacts at all angles, the layers of WaveCel material move independently to flex, crease, and glide to absorb both direct and rotational energy. According to Trek and Bontrager, the WaveCel technology prevents concussions in common cycling mishaps close to 99 times out of 100. Each helmet model in the new Bontrager WaveCel helmet line earned the highest ratings in Virginia Tech’s five-star ranking. Our favorite out of the lineup is the Bontrager Blaze WaveCel Mountain Bike Helmet, featuring a ‘Boa System’ for an adjustable fit, ‘Fidlock’ magnetic buckle, front ‘Blendr’ mount system for your GoPro, and antimicrobial pads. Protect your brain with advanced bike helmets featuring an innovative collapsible cellular structure, starting at $150.

Purchase: $150+