Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus

Bikes have been sporting electric motors for a while now, but it is only recently that the marriage between the two has really started to work. Just take a look at the new innovations built into Treks Powerfly 8 FS Plus Electric Mountain Bike and you’ll see what we mean.

While most electric bike makers boast pure power from their engine, this one features something much better; smarts. The Bosch Performance CX Pedal Assist engine located on the bottom of the Powerfly Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame is designed to assist riders at four different levels – Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo – all without giving the bike an unnatural torquey feel. The engine simply gives riders the sensation that they have super powered legs and extends the number of miles they can tackle on any given ride. Because this thing is really built to take on any trail, the engine and attached battery pack have been given protective plating to guard against rock strikes, and are designed to continue to work through rain and puddles. All things said, this bike is the antidote to gimmicky electric two wheelers, and a boon to those who want to get more out of their weekend rides. Prices are set at $5,000. [Purchase]