Trek Aerospace FK2 Flying Go-Kart

Sponsored by aerospace giant, Boeing, the GoFly competition calls on innovative engineers around the world to push the boundaries of transportation in creating personal flying devices. And they’ve just unveiled their five Phase II, prize-winning teams. The star of the show, however, might just be the Trek Aerospace FK2 Flying Go-Kart.

Short for FlyKart, the FK2 is an evolution of Trek’s original FK1 concept. The design hinges on a single, centralized seat surrounded by a series of ten ducted fans — a purposefully redundant system to ensure the safety of the pilot. Via armrest-mounted controls, this personal VTOL can fly at over 63 mph, with an ideal cruising speed of 52 mph and a flight time of 30+ minutes. It also features redundant battery systems and an onboard auto-pilot, as well as a simple-yet-effective four-point safety harness. It remains to be seen if this concept ends up getting built, but we’d be happy to have it as our daily driver.

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