TreePod Suspended Camper Tent

Looking to head out for into the wilderness for the weekend but unwilling to expose yourself to all manner of forest-floor dwelling critters and creatures, not to mention the cold – possibly wet – and hard ground? Well, the TreePod Camper is one of the newest additions to the world of suspended tents, and it’s here to make your life a little safer in the woods.

The TreePod Camper utilizes a single point suspension system that only requires a strong overhead anchor point to set everything up. It’s constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and high tensile outer walls which can sleep up to two adults and support up to 500 pounds in the air. The tent is also weatherproof and features 54” x 84” of floor space as well. And for extra stability, campers can actually anchor the tent from four additional anchor points located on the Camper’s base. Suspend yourself above the fray and sleep well in the process. The TreePod can help. Available now for $575. [Purchase]