Treeline Tree Hugger Supply Cache

Keeping gear organized and out of the reach of critters big and small is easier said than done. Wrapping it all up in a tarp and hanging it high makes it hard to keep things organized, and keeping everything around the campsite unprotected but easy to access isn’t an option either. The Treeline Tree Hugger Supply Cache, however, manages to both organize your gear and keep it off the ground.

Made from 100% PVC polyester and boasting a coated waterproof tarpaulin backing, it can fit on trees up to 2 feet in diameter. Thanks to a series of polypro webbing straps that take carabiner clips, campers and hunters alike can hang their knives, ammo, cups, and cooking utensils up in order to keep the campsite dialed in. As if that wasn’t enough, the bag itself easily folds into itself making it easy to pack in and out trip after trip, and year after year. Prices are set at $52. [Purchase]

Treeline Tree Hugger Supply Cache 2

Treeline Tree Hugger Supply Cache 3

Treeline Tree Hugger Supply Cache 4