Tree Snake Houses in Portugal

Mar 10, 2015

Category: Living

We’re gonna go ahead and say Portugal is a highly underrated vacation destination. With some fantastic history, scenery, and food, there’s lots to like. And now we can add one more thing to the list: these cool Tree Snake Houses.

Luís and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade of Rebelo de Andrade Studio have created these awesomely unique structures in between the trees of the Pedras Salgadas Park. Sitting high on stilts, each house features one bathroom, a small kitchen, double bed and sofa—this is not the spot for your next kegger. Each structure blends in with nature thanks to coverings of slate and wood, and sustainability and environmental impact were taken into account too, as there’s reinforced insulation, low-energy lighting, and solar panels at work here.

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 1

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 2

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 3

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 4

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 5

Tree Snake Houses in Portugal 6

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