Trayvax Contour Wallet

Wallets. Everyone makes wallets. We get pitched cool wallets all the time, but few really turn heads like the Washington based Trayvax does, and their new Contour is no exception.

A new product from the small Pacific Northwestern brand, this wallet feels like it is a reflection of where their company is at right now. Still rugged, still scrappy, but a bit more refined. The Contour features the same aggressive exposed metal look that made them popular in the first place, but it is thinner, and combined with the beautiful hand-stitched leather, it feels a bit more sophisticated. As founder Mark King described it, this wallet is meant to be handsome enough to take to work with you during the week and rugged enough to stand up to the elements while you go out hiking during your days off. As if the striking design wasn’t enough, every part of this wallet is made in the U.S., something that is genuinely hard to come across these days, and the company will repair/replace the wallet for life. Right now Trayvax is offering up Titanium nitride coatings and a gold contouring on the wallet’s scratch resistant 304 stainless steel bodies. With an estimated delivery date of September of this year, the wallet is now retailing for $160. [Purchase]

Trayvax Contour Wallets 2

Trayvax Contour Wallets