Traxxas’ Transparent TRX-4 Sport Kit Is An R/C Truck For DIYers

With their exceptional styling and spot-on, true-to-life, scaled-down accuracy, Traxxas’ suite of remote-controlled cars is probably the best on the market. Their one downside: all the mechanical magic of the electric powertrain is hidden beneath the bodies. But their new kit, a DIY TRX-4 Sport lets you decide whether you want to cover it up or show it off.

This R/C truck comes completely unassembled — meaning it has most of the bits you need to put it together yourself, save a few essentials you can pick out for yourself (like the motor, transmitter, receiver, and steering servo) and get directly from Traxxas. This means you get the satisfaction of building it yourself and the freedom of equipping it with whatever powerplant you want. And while we’re partial to the see-through shell, it’s also made for polycarbonate paint — allowing you to customize the exterior graphics in any way you can imagine. If you’re an R/C enthusiast with a DIY spirit, this kit can be yours for $280.

Purchase: $280