This TRX-4 TRAXX Set Transforms Your RC Truck Into A Tank

May 10, 2019

Category: Tech

Just like a real monstrous off-road truck, you can upgrade your TRX-4 RC to tackle any landscape. The TRX-4 Traxx All-Terrain Track Set will transform your RC truck into a tree-climbing tank.

If you thought the TRX-4 already has go-anywhere functionality, the All-Terrain Track Set will make it nearly unstoppable. The kit comes with an expansive contact patch and grippy treads to tackle sand and mud. For better ground clearance to straddle imposing obstacles in its path, the RC’s portal axles are raised over 16mm. It also has an adjustable tension wheel in order to keep the treads tight while its suspended road wheels flow with the bumpy surface for incredible traction. And it has oil-filled dampers in each drive unit to control rotational movements to keep the vehicle stuck to the terrain. Built for all-weather fun, beef up your hobby truck with the All-Terrain Track Set for $230.

Purchase: $230

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