Traxxas E-Revo R/C Monster Truck

Traxxas is a toy brand that makes some of the most impressive remote-controlled vehicles we’ve ever seen – including a spot-on Land Rover mini replica. So when we tell you that their new E-Revo R/C Monster Truck blows our minds, we want you to know how serious we are.

This tiny off-road tank can handle just about any terrain you can throw at it – thanks to a sturdy fortified drivetrain, advanced in-board suspension, ability to self-right after having been flipped, and a super powerful 6s power system. And that power system is responsible for the E-Revo’s most impressive spec of all: the ability to blitz across asphalt and dirt alike at speeds of over 70 mph – yes, miles per hour. To pair with its absurd performance, it’s also equipped with even beefier off-road wheels and tires, a shaft-driven 4WD system, and so much more. If you want to get your hands on what might be the ultimate R/C monster truck ever made, you’ll have to wait until the end of this month, when it releases for $590.

Purchase: $590