Traumahawk Survival Axe

An axe is a handy tool to keep on hand for a number of reasons. Most are, at the least, adequate chopping tools. And many of them have additional functions, as well – like serving as a makeshift digging tool. Few, however, have been built for the kind of hardened use that might be necessary in a real worst-case-scenario. The Zombie Tools Traumahawk, by contrast, has been made tough enough to survive even an apocalyptic level of usage.

This two-pound crash axe has been designed to fulfill a number of duties. For starters, the 6150 steel out of which it is constructed is ideal in its edge retention and durability for long-term operation with little maintenance. It’s also got a spiked poll end that comes in handy in emergency situations as a glass breaker or pick. And, although it is a full-tang all-metal hatchet, it’s still balanced enough to throw. Whether you need to escape the clutches of some walkers or you just want a well-built and reliable survival tool, the Traumahawk is an excellent option. Pick one up today for $250. [Purchase]

ZT Traumahawk 1