TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator

Every lead foot needs a companion. And with the TrapTap, you may finally mitigate your heavy foot and speeding habits that have been costing you so much lately. It’s the fully legal device you can place anywhere in your car or on your motorcycle that warns you of speed traps, schools, and red light cameras.

Thanks to the work of TrapTap’s algorithms and preliminary research, the device already knows the location of every red light camera and school zones. However, it relies on user-generated data to log police and mobile radar traps. For the speed demon, or just someone unfamiliar with an area, it acts as the perfect copilot to save you money and possibly even someone’s life. TrapTap works through color notifications to alert the driver when they’re speeding or approaching a speed trap (green), police or mobile radar traps (blue) and red light cameras and school zones (red). The product is currently on Kickstarter and prices start at $109. [Purchase]