This Voice-Controlled 19″ Optimus Prime Toy Transforms Itself At Your Command

Anyone who played with Transformers as a kid can relate to the feeling of watching the show only to reenact an episode in tiny toy form. It didn’t matter that these robots in disguise couldn’t talk, transform, or even drive on their own. Rather, thanks to the magic of youthful imagination, they seemed as real as real can be.

But with the launch of the ‘Auto-Converting Optimus Prime,’ you can finally have a Transformer that does everything by itself. Yep, you read that right. In collaboration with China’s Robosen Robotics, Hasbro has created a fully-programmable Prime that walks, talks, drives, and converts on command. Made from over 5000 components, 60 microchips, and 27 servo motors, it stands some 19″ tall and comes with both voice-activation as well as in-app connectivity. In practice, this means that you can take control via spoken prompts or through your mobile phone, with more advanced actions being programmable through Mission Adventures code. And that’s not all — along with Optimus Prime, you’ll also receive his battle axe and blaster, as well as a protective travel case for when you’re rolling out. You can pre-order it now for $700.

Purchase: $700