TRAK Performance Folding Kayak

If you’re currently rockin’ the big city/small apartment thing, you might think kayaking is an impossibility. We’re happy to tell you otherwise, thanks to TRAK’s T-1600 Performance Folding Kayak.

Billed as the world’s only performance kayak that fits in a pack, the Trak T-1600 takes just 10 minutes to assemble. It features a rigid, adaptable hull with hydraulics inside the cockpit that let you change the hull’s shape in an instant, making it a great choice for beginners, experts, and all in between. And don’t even fear any Lake Placid-style attacks on this thing: The Duratrak frame is made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, all of the tubing is connected with shock-cording, and the ribs and bow/stern plates in each section are attached to prevent loose pieces. Plus the kayak’s expedition-grade PolyTrak shell is waterproof, virtually puncture-proof, and abrasion-resistant. [Purchase]

TRAK T-1600 Performance Folding Kayak 2

TRAK T-1600 Performance Folding Kayak 4

TRAK T-1600 Performance Folding Kayak 5

TRAK T-1600 Performance Folding Kayak 6