Trainerbot Ping Pong Robot

All great athletes have had great trainers and coaches; the 1980 Olympic Hockey team had Herb Brooks, Rocky Balboa had Mickey Goldman, and now you can have a robot. Given how many Silicon Valley companies have ping pong tables, it was only a matter of time before there was some techy-upgrade to the sport. Designed by a ping pong enthusiast who wanted to seriously improve his game, the Trainerbot is a versatile tool that will challenge you no matter what level you are on.

Before this device was released, if you were looking to up your ping pong game but didn’t have a consistent partner to help challenge your returns, then you would have to deal with just hitting against a wall or just letting your skills languor. Now, this thing is programed to fire up to 30 shots your way – each with different spins, placement, and speed so you can practice returning even the most difficult hits. Measuring in at a little under a foot and weighing not much more than 3 pounds, you can easily bring it with you on trips so you can stay fresh. Prices start at $330. [Purchase]