TrailKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

Is there anything more rewarding than cracking open a cold beer after a long day of outdoor activities? Well, yes, actually – a cold beer straight from the tap. But that’s a nigh impossible thing to get out on the trails. Or at least it was, before the TrailKeg pressurized beer growler.

Think of this little trail buddy like a hybrid of a 64-ounce mini keg and a Hydro Flask. That is, to say, it’s vacuum insulated (meaning it can keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours), but it also comes with a CO2 tap system, so you can enjoy practically brewery-fresh beer no matter where you go. The whole kit comes with the growler, tap system, two steel pint glasses, and CO2 cartridges – all you need is the beer. You can even fill it with your own homebrew, if you dabble in crafting your own beer. Prices start at $99.

Purchase: $99+