Traeger Timberline Smart Grill

While we all love a good backyard BBQ, we also know that being stuck watching the grill can be a big time investment. If you want to make sure your meat is properly cooked and flavored just right, you’re going to have to stand there pretty much all day. That is, unless you have the Timberline smart grill.

This combination smoker, grill, and outdoor convection oven is the ultimate way to be a backyard cook while simultaneously enjoying your time off to the fullest. And that’s because the Timberline can be controlled entirely via WiFIRE technology and the included Traeger smartphone app. That means everything from cook time to the internal temperature is just a few finger taps away. The grill is also economical – it uses 300 watts of power to initially heat up and then just 50 watts to maintain temperature – and it’s safe – it automatically runs an induction fan for 10 minutes after cooking has completed before shutting itself down. It comes in two sizes (1300 or 850 cubic inches of grill space) and starts at $1,700. [Purchase]