Traeger’s New Timberline Grill Has Built-In Touchscreen Controls

Traeger has come a long way since its very first pellet grill in 1985. The Oregon-based company’s original models consisted of three heat settings and side hoppers for the wood. It would be 20 years before the patent on the design was lifted and other brands could make their own versions. However, Traeger still remains the benchmark to this day.

Now, the godfather of the pellet grill has released its brand new Timberline grill, featuring precision temperature control up to 500 degrees and a wireless meat thermometer that allows you to check on your food from anywhere. Built into the grill is a touchscreen display with straightforward, user-friendly functions. Traeger’s Smart Combustion technology ensures that the temperature remains consistent throughout the cooking process as well, and the easy clean-up features are an added bonus.

The grill itself is completely customizable with adaptable surfaces and the Pop-and-Lock Accessory Rail that lets you arrange shelves, racks, and storage bins exactly how you want them. Additionally, the Timberline comes in two sizes: the original model, which contains 880 square inches of cooking space, and the Timberline XL, which gives you 1,320 square inches of cooking space.

Nearly 40 years later and Traeger is not only still at the top of the industry, but at the top of its game. Whether you love smoking brisket or sauteing vegetables, the brand-new Timberline is a must for any outdoor cooking aficionado, crafted to produce perfect results every time. Available on Traeger’s online store starting at $3,500, the Timberline also comes with an array of add-ons sold separately.

Purchase: $3,500

Photo: Traeger
Photo: Traeger