Trader Joe’s All-New Cocktails Come Ready-To-Drink Right Out Of The Bottle

Jan 6, 2021

Category: Vices

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than kicking back and sipping on a cocktail to unwind. However, not everyone has the time, the patience, or the knack to put together a drink that’ll get the job done. If you find yourself settling for shots because you can’t bring yourself to bust out the shaker, Trader Joe’s latest offering is just what you need.

With the announcement of its bottled Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sour, Trader Joe’s kicks off its all-new ready-to-drink cocktail line. Made by a small craft distiller, each cocktail respects its roots while also bringing something new to the table. For instance, the Old Fashioned features a blend of whiskey, sugar, and spiced orange bitters to deliver a drink that keeps with tradition. But because of the added orange, it’s lively and bright with a nice citrus zest. Similarly, the Whiskey Sour uses time-tested ingredients like bourbon, sugar, and lemon juice. However, Trader Joe’s also mixed in a bit of lemon oil and a blend of spiced orange bitters to give it some added edge. All in all, they make for a great way to conveniently enjoy some classics. Available in-store for $17 per 750ml bottle, you can pick one or both up right now.

Purchase: $17

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