Tracksmith’s Amateur Collection Celebrates The Joy Of Running

Runners with an amateur spirit run simply for the love of the sport. The Tracksmith Amateur Collection celebrates the 65th anniversary of amateur runner Sir Roger Bannister completing a sub-4-minute mile, showcasing his relentless, noble drive.

The lineup consists of several pieces inspired by the British amateur athlete and those who run for the pure joy of the sport. The collection includes the Amateur Singlet, Grayboy Tee, Trackhouse Sweatshirt, and Grayboy Tank. It’s difficult to choose just one piece, but our favorite from the collection is the sweatshirt. The running brand‘s sweater is made with a comfy reverse-weave cotton blend and ribbed side gussets for comfort. It also features an amateur tortoise insignia inspired by a patch from George Dole’s Oxford Cross Country days. All of the pieces are available right now for runners who want to channel this contagious amateur spirit. The collection ranges from $52 to $98.

Purchase: $52+