TrackingPoint Shotglass Shooting Glasses

The last thing hunters usually think about is technology; usually, hunters just want to hunt. In fact, one of the major appeals of hunting is that we’ve been doing it the same way for decades without the use of advanced technology. But, there are also those who want all of the tools available to them to give them an advantage to increase the chances of bagging a kill. For those types of hunters, allow us to shine a light on the Trackingpoint Shotglass Shooting Glasses.

These glasses provide a wide-screen WQVGA display that has an HD camera mounted to it. It hooks up to a companion Android app, allowing users to record everything you see and say. The glasses connect wirelessly to your TrackingPoint rifle to enhance your precision-guided hunting and shooting experience. What’s more, the system can be used collaboratively, allowing for spotters to give directions to the shooter in real-time. The device is available now for $995. Watch the video below. [Purchase]