Occasionally, a new idea comes along that’s so simple, we smack ourselves on the forehead and throw our hands up in the air, muttering “why didn’t I think of that?” An example of this is the Trac-Grabber, a product¬†that gets your car unstuck from snow, mud, or sand.

Anyone who has ever been stuck in mud knows how frustrating it can be, but this device is an inexpensive solution that quickly and easily gets you unstuck. It simply straps onto your tires, and stops them from spinning out of control, allowing you to get a grip on the road. It’s installed in seconds, saving you a lot of precious time when compared to having to wait for a tow truck. The handy device is available now for $49.99, and each box comes with 2 blocks. [Purchase]

Trac-Grabber 2

Trac-Grabber 3

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