Toyota Tundra Devolro

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum and friends are being chased in the Jeep by the T-Rex? Seems to us, if they were riding in a custom made Toyota Tundra Devolro, they could’ve just swung a U-turn and charged right at that all-teeth, no arms-having bully.

Designed to conquer pretty much anything in the wilderness, this blacked out Tundra has been given a 7-inch suspension lift, 37″ all-terrain tires, an extended range fuel tank that holds 187 liters, heavy duty “tank-like armor” in the front and rear, and a 520 hp supercharged V8 engine, and when there’s no road beneath you, Devolro’s air locking differential provides 100% traction on demand, with no cuts made to the vehicle’s highway driving performance.

Toyota Tundra Devolro 1

Toyota Tundra Devolro 2

Toyota Tundra Devolro 3

Toyota Tundra Devolro 4

Toyota Tundra Devolro 5