Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

We must admit, as car enthusiasts, we’re not huge fans of the crossover SUV concept as a whole. But, it is undeniable that this class of vehicle is increasingly popular in a world where people want big things in small packages. And while Toyota’s latest concept, the TJ Cruiser, isn’t the prettiest thing on 4 wheels, it’s definitely a crossover more in line with what we like: toughness and capability.

Designed to fit squarely between ‘sport utility vehicle’ and ‘cargo van’ the TJ Cruiser has a massive amount of internal storage space mated with the performance of something built to go off-road. In fact, the name actually stands for ‘toolbox’ and ‘joy,’ suggesting that it’s both tough as nails and a whole lot of fun – a fact exemplified by the use of hood, fender, and roof material that can resist scratches, dents, and dirt (with the help of a protective coating. Inside, to go with the overhead storage, all of its passenger seats can fully recline, allowing for the safe internal storage of, say, a 10′ longboard and/or some bicycles. All in all, it might not be a looker, but this crossover promises some very real utility – and that’s promising at the very least.

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