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Toyota Should Really Make This All-Terrain Supra x Land Cruiser Crossover 4×4

Not everyone is a fan of the Toyota Supra MKV. Some dislike the fact that it was built on a BMW platform, while others just don’t care for the styling. But we can’t imagine anyone not liking this Toyota Supra Cruiser concept from designer SugarDesign.

The beautiful renders imagine what a Supra would look like if it were crossed with another legendary ‘Yota: the venerable Land Cruiser. The result is a two-door 4×4 crossover that looks primed to handle any rally course or weekend adventure. Dramatic black fender flares give way to oversized off-road tires, with room for a massive spare on the back. There’s also a roof rack outfitted with a custom Supra canoe and, when combined with the splattered mud decorating the side panels, it’s clear that the Supra Cruiser loves the outdoors. Rally lights and fender-mounted side mirrors add some whimsical touches to the design, while the carried-over rear diffuser and aerodynamic curves of the Supra imply that the vehicle is still built for speed — doubly true if it’s still packing the 382HP turbocharged straight-six from the GR Supra 3.0. You can see more of the Toyota Supra Cruiser on SugarDesign’s Instagram page.

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