This Wicked Widebody Kit Gives The Toyota Supra A Menacing Facade

Photos: Chris Hill

Alongside the reveal of the new Toyota Supra A90 and the multitude of aftermarket parts that were injected into the market shortly after its debut, some of the industry’s top customizers have decided to bring the iconic sports car into the realm of insanity. Although the vehicle still hasn’t been released, the influence of Rocket Bunny’s bellicose widebody kit gave rise to a radical new breed of Supra follower — an audience that Flat Hat 3D’s demented duo looks to bolster even further.

While the factory-fresh variant of the newly-announced A90 might leave critics wanting more, the car is undeniably tailored for aftermarket modification — an avenue that made its vintage progenitor monumentally popular in the ‘90s. Flat Hat’s proposed design sheds light on two different configurations; one, with a custom front splitter, extended side skirts, flared arches on the front and rear, and a gargantuan ducktail spoiler for aerodynamic prowess; and the other, a more subdued version that minimizes the Supra’s wing, arches, and stylization. Whether or not these handsome additions are welcome is up for debate — but one thing’s for sure: the A90 has quickly become one of the community’s go-to platforms for artful (and awe-inspiring) modifications.

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