This Is What Toyota’s Prius Looks Like As A Ruggedized Off-Road Hunting Vehicle

Originally debuting in Japan in 1997, the Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car model. And while the Prius’ performance doesn’t exactly make it an ideal candidate for off-road applications, its immense reliability, minimal fuel consumption, and whisper-quiet powertrain collectively make the Toyota surprisingly conducive to certain unexpected uses, which is seemingly what prompted Texas-based car shop, Starwood Customs to turn a third-generation Prius into a ruggedized hunting vehicle.

Appropriately christened the “Predator Prius,” the bespoke hunting vehicle rides on off-road wheels and tires, is completely adorned in a hardwearing OD green truck-bed-liner spray, and has been chopped and walled just behind the rear seats, replacing the trunk area with a quail-style hunting seat, connected to a padded platform and custom roof rack that accommodates a full-size spare tire and numerous LED auxiliary lights. The front of the car now sports a skid-plate, a one-off bumper, a Warn VR EVO 8-S winch, and a custom hood rack, as well. We also assume there have been upgrades to the suspension, but we don’t know for sure. To see more of the Dallas shop’s Predator Prius, you can check out the Starwood Customs website linked below.

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