Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a long and storied history as a rough-and-tumble terrain dominating sport utility vehicle. In fact, some might argue that the FJ series is amongst the greatest off-road vehicles ever created. And whether you agree with that sentiment or not, we’re pretty sure there’s one concept that is not typically conjured in most people’s heads when we bring up the aforementioned SUV: speed. Well, that’s about to change.

Dubbed the Land Speed Cruiser, this one-off Toyota SUV only somewhat resembles its historic predecessors – and that’s because they’ve heavily altered it not to conquer dunes, but to dominate asphalt. Beneath its somewhat subdued outer shell lies Toyota’s 3UR-FE 5.7 liter V8 engine, flanked on either side by gargantuan Garrett turbochargers – resulting in 2,000 horsepower and a top speed of 220 miles per hour. In fact, the new engine and its additions are so big, Toyota had to make a custom hood. They’ve even lowered the suspension to complete the street shredding look. While we aren’t typically fans of tricked out SUVs, the execution of this one makes us think it might be time to reconsider.

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