Maltec Will Transform Your Land Cruiser Into The Ultimate Overlander

There are plenty of folks out there who would make the claim that Toyota’s Land Cruiser is the best Japanese 4×4 ever made, if not the best all-around. But unless you’re fine with cramped quarters and an exceedingly short list of accommodations, they’re not great for more than a couple days of off-grid travel at a time. Of course, that can be extended exponentially courtesy of Maltec and their Maltexplorer conversion packages.

Available for five of Toyota’s best Land Rover trims — the Series 200, Series 7 extended wheelbase, Series 7 “troopy,” Series 7 double cab, and Series 80 — each of these customization packages build upon the existing 4x4s in all their glory, but upgrade them for extended overlanding adventure. Depending upon the build, that includes things like a new carbon fiber camper on the tail end (with sleeping, storage, bathroom, and kitchen accouterments), upgraded performance equipment (for the drivetrain, suspension, and chassis), and a good deal more. And if you’re not fond of the Land Cruiser, they also have alternative builds based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Series and Land Rover’s Defender. Pricing starts at $165,000 — including the donor vehicle.

Purchase: $165,000+