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Khyzyl Saleem Styles Toyota’s GR Corolla As A Rally-Ready Group B Machine

The Toyota Corolla has served as a faithful automotive flagship for many years, and while the model has taken a back seat to many of the company’s more bombastic models, it won’t remain that way for long. Like many of the manufacturers in the segment, Toyota has had its sights set on an all-new iteration of the GR Corolla hot hatch — although, confirmation of the vehicle’s impending production has yet to be seen. That doesn’t sit well with the automotive renderer and digital artist Khyzyl Saleem, who’s created his own iteration of the proposed GR.

The prospect of Toyota’s GR Corolla hatch couldn’t be more enticing for aftermarket enthusiasts, but when it comes to creating full-fledged, rally-ready platforms, Khyzyl Saleem has his foot in the proverbial door. The ‘Group B’ concept that you see here is fashioned after the cars that dominated the circuit in the 1980s, but features a handful of futuristic upgrades to keep it rooted in reality. A towering rear wing pairs with a sport-oriented front splitter, aerodynamically-inclined wheel arches, and a roll-cage-adorned interior that’s been stripped of all possible components to save weight. A tucked rear bumper, Rocket Bunny-Esque widebody, and performance wheels round out the rally-inspired wonder. Here’s to hoping that Toyota’s upcoming hot hatch will lend itself to these kinds of upgrades. Head to Saleem’s Instagram for a closer look.

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