Toyota Unveils A Le Mans-Ready Version Of Its Upcoming Hybrid GR Hypercar

Early last autumn, Toyota teased the public with the first images of its hotly-awaited hybrid hypercar project known as the GR SS. As the homologated version of automaker’s upcoming Le Mans contestant, it bore a number of striking similarities to the endurance race’s closed-top canopy designs, all the while still maintaining its road legality.

With the unveiling of the GR010 Hybrid, Toyota has pulled the wraps off the fully-liveried race-ready version. Under the hood, it’s driven by a 670HP 3.5L V6 twin-turbo and a 268HP electric motor. All in, they’re good for a combined 938HP; however, per FIA regulations, the GR010 is capped at just 670HP. In practice, this means that the GR010 employs a complex power management system that reduces the engine output relative to the amount of hybrid boost deployed. And when it comes to aerodynamics, Toyota is working within an equally stringent set of rules. With a single bodywork package available per season — and just one adjustable aerodynamic device — it’s more important than ever to optimize the design for efficiency. The GR010 will start its 2021 WEC campaign with the 1,000 miles of Sebring on March 19th and close out the season in Bahrain on November 20th.

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