Toyota Just Unveiled A Suite Of 12 Gazoo Racing Factory-Tuned Car Models

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division got its start in 2007 when a team of student test drivers took to the track during the 24 Hours Of Nürburgring. In the coming years, the upstart performance arm would have a hand in some of the Japanese-based automaker’s most iconic models, including the likes of the Lexus LF-A, the 86, and the more recent GR-spec Supra.

Well, Toyota Japan has just unveiled its entire range of Gazoo Racing vehicles and, boy oh boy, is it quite a cast. In addition to some familiar favorites — the 86, the Supra, and the Yaris — it turns out that there are also some pretty unlikely models getting the GR treatment. For instance, the compact C-HR crossover has been given an aggressive aesthetic makeover with tuned suspension and ECU adjustments in order to give it some extra oomph. What’s more, Toyota has opted to give its more pedestrian vehicles some improvements, with the tiny Copen, the fuel-efficient Aqua (aka Prius C), as well as the Noah and Voxy minivans all benefiting from revised visuals and slight performance bumps. Rounded out by a pair of GRMN (Gazoo Racing Masters Of The Nürburgring) cars, we only wish that the lineup would land stateside. Head to the link below for more.

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