Toyota FT-AC Crossover Concept

Crossovers occupy a very odd space in the vehicle world. They’re certainly not at small and sleek as most cars, but they also don’t measure up to their larger, more-beefy SUV counterparts. Toyota’s new FT-AC concept crossover, however, seems to be tipping the scales away from road-going and more into the realm of off-road-ready ruggedness.

Short for Future Toyota Adventure Concept, the FT-AC isn’t the biggest thing on 4 wheels (it can actually fit into a standard size parking spot) but it definitely has the soul of a off-road truck – boasting a high ground clearance, 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, a safari-style roof rack, protective plating on the underside, and tow hooks. It also encourages out-of-vehicle exploring, thanks to the inclusion of removable stand-alone fog lights – meaning you can use them as camp lanterns or attach them to a mountain bike for nighttime visibility. It even functions as a WiFi hotspot, if you can’t bear to be too far from civilization. All told, this is everything we could want in a crossover and we hope it makes it out of the conceptual stages and into real life.

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