Distance Yourself From Society In The Rally-Ready Toyota AE86 ‘Pandemic’

Since the onset of the worldwide pandemic, individuals have been scrambling to create off-grid automotive platforms to take them to the farthest reaches of the wilderness. For many, the promise of a life without personal contact might seem like the most plausible means of action. While the situation is inarguably serious, that hasn’t stopped some of the world’s foremost designers from capitalizing on trends within the market, including Track Hype, a renderer who’s turned Toyota’s beloved AE86 into something far more formidable than it once was.

At first glance, Track Hype’s Toyota AE86 “Pandemic” might solicit feelings of off-road-inspired racetracks, billowing clouds of dust, and dangerous roadways. To ensure that its driver will be able to take on any and all obstacles, the small JDM model has been lifted to accept a generous increase in versatility, courtesy of its monstrous BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain A/T tires, Volk Racing RAYS six-spoke wheels, and an assumed aftermarket Bilstein suspension upgrade. But, what makes the AE86 so special is its various off-grid adornments, which come in the way of additional fuel tanks/reserves, a rear trunk scoop, modified brush guard, rear-mounted spare, and Dakar-style lightbars, ensuring that, should disaster strike, there will always be a route to recovery. Head to Track Hype’s Instagram for a closer look.

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