Toyo Tires Ferret

People don’t use the term ‘where the rubber meets the road’ without reason. You can have the nicest, most souped-up car in the world but if you don’t have a solid pair of tires on that sucker you’re not going to get too far. In order to show just how tough their Open Country line of tires is, Toyo teamed up with Action Vehicle Engineering and Off-Road Champion BJ Baldwin to put them through a serious stress test.

After getting their hands on a 1959 Ferret Scout, a vehicle used by the British during the early part of the Cold War, the team at Action Vehicle Engineering went about radically modifying it, adding an extra set of wheels – each powered by their own hydraulic engine – and installing a Chevrolet LS V8 engine. For a smoother ride while hopping over logs, jamming through rivers, and driving up sandy hills, the team also modified the suspension and added in King Shocks. Seeing that this is an old military vehicle, they couldn’t help but also add on a custom grappling hook that fires off from the front. Prices vary for the the open country line of tires. [Purchase]

Ferret 4X4 By Toyo Tires and A.V.E.

Ferret 4X4 By Toyo Tires and A.V.E. 4

Ferret 4X4 By Toyo Tires and A.V.E. 6

Ferret 4X4 By Toyo Tires and A.V.E. 7